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We use the FieldTrip dashboard in development and for maintaining the quality of the FieldTrip code. The test directory in the FieldTrip toolbox contains many test scripts (technically they are functions). These test scripts are used initially for reproducing and identifying the cause of a bug, or for designing the end-user script that matches some new functionality. Once a reported bug has been fixed and/or the new functionality has been implemented, we keep the test scripts for regression testing.

If you suspect a problem with the FieldTrip code, the best way to resolve it is to post it on GitHub and to contribute a (small) test script that helps us to reproduce the problem. These test scripts help us reproduce the problem. After fixing the problem, we add the script to the test directory.

Executing the tests

All functions in the test directory are executed regularly using the FieldTrip dashboard scripts that are running in a cron job on the DCCN compute cluster. If there are problems with any of the test scripts, an email is sent to the main developers.

You can also run (some of) the tests yourself using the ft_test function like this

ft_test run test_bug46

Results of the tests

You can check the results of the test scripts yourself using the ft_test function like this

ft_test report test_bug46

to get the results of a specific test script, or

ft_test report test_bug46 matlabversion 2017b

to get the results of a specific test script for a specific MATLAB version, or

ft_test report matlabversion 2012b arch maci64

to get the results of all tests with a specific MATLAB version and on a specific platform.