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-====== Development ====== 
-FieldTrip is an [[http://​www.opensource.org|Open Source]] project with contributions from [[external_links|various individual users and research groups]]. If you want to [[contribute]] to  FieldTrip, either by improving existing functions, or by implementing new functions, please consider the [[:​code_guidelines| code guidelines]] and try to adhere to the existing representation of the data in the [[:​faq:​how_are_the_various_data_structures_defined| data structures]]. You can also contribute documentation to this wiki, keeping the [[documentation guidelines]] in mind.+{{tag>​development}}
-Fieldtrip is primarily developed at the [[http://​www.ru.nl/​neuroimaging|Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging]] (DCCN). Most people at the DCCN that use EEG or MEG in their research are using FieldTrip for (part of) their analysis. Some of these people also contribute by improving and extending the code.  
-The source code is maintained in Subversion/​SVN,​ a [[http://​betterexplained.com/​articles/​a-visual-guide-to-version-control/​|version control system]]. A limited number of user has direct write access to the version control system. You can find [[development:​svn|details on the use of SVN for FieldTrip code management and release]] are on a separate page. All changes to the code are automatically available for the internal DCCN users, and every evening are also available in the [[download|latest version on the ftp server]] for the external users. 
-We have a seperate page where the [[problems|known problems]] with the FieldTrip code and documentation are listed. 
-The remainder of this page contains documentation that pertains to the low-level development of FieldTrip. It is probably not of general interest to the typical end-users. 
-===== Recent improvements to the code ===== 
-All changes to the code can be tracked on [[http://​twitter.com/#​!/​fieldtriptoolbx|Twitter]] or [[http://​code.google.com/​p/​fieldtrip/​source/​list|Google Code]]. 
-===== More detailed information for the different modules ===== 
-  * a longer history of changes to the fieldtrip main functions is available [[changelog:​changelog|here]] 
-  * reading and writing of data is done using the [[development:​fileio]] module, see [[changelog:​fileio_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * forward modeling is done using the [[development:​forward]] module, see [[changelog:​forward_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * inverse source estimation is done using the [[development:​inverse]] module, see [[changelog:​inverse_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * preprocessing (e.g. filtering and detrending) is done using the [[development:​preproc]] module, see [[changelog:​preproc_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * support for realtime analysis is implemented using the [[development:​realtime]] module, see [[changelog:​realtime_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * connectivity analysis is done using the [[development:​connectivity]] module, see [[changelog:​connectivity_changelog|changelog]] 
-  * spectral estimation is implemented in the [[development:​specest]] module, see [[changelog:​specest_changelog|changelog]]