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Can I compare EEG channels between different electrode caps?

Different EEG caps use different labels and especially different electrode placements. However, sometimes you want to relate electrode positions in one layout to another layout.

Here is a schematic layout of the easycapM10 and easycapM11 electrode caps.

easycapM10 - Equidistant 61-Channel-Arrangement

easycapM11 - 61-Channel-Arrangement (“10%-System”) (used in BrainCap64)

We can see that the channel Cz from M10 relates to the channel 1 from M11. However for the channel FT10 there does not exist a relating channel in M11. So we can only make a few-to-few mapping with channels that mostly overlap.

Mapping between easycapM10 and easycapM11:

1 - Cz 2 - FCz 5 - CPz 8 - Fz 11 - C4 14 - Pz 17 - C3 20 - AFz 35 - Fpz 39 - T8 43 - Oz 47 - T7 50 - Fp1