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How should I specify the fiducials for electrode realignment?

Sensor locations are described by the elec structure and it can contain fewer or more channels that present in the data. Depending on the system we use, fiducials are digitized and represented just like electrodes, and in other systems the fiducials are represented separately from the sensors.

In ft_electroderealign the fiducials are never obtained from the elec structure, but they always have to be explicitly specified in the cf

fid.chanpos       = [nas; lpa; rpa];       % ctf-coordinates of fiducials
fid.elecpos       = [nas; lpa; rpa];       % Nx3, where N includes the fiducials
fid.label         = {'Nz','LPA','RPA'};    % same labels as in elec
fid.unit          = 'mm';                  % same units as mri

cfg               = [];
cfg.method        = 'fiducial';
cfg.template      = fid;                   % see above
cfg.elec          = elec;
cfg.fiducial      = {'Nz', 'LPA', 'RPA'};  % labels of fiducials in fid and in elec
elec_aligned      = ft_electroderealign(cfg);

In case fiducials are present in the elec structure, they will simply be removed at the time of forward modelling. Just like channels such as “trigger” and “EOG” are removed from the data prior to forward modelling.

See also the FAQ about how are electrodes, magnetometers or gradiometers described?.