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How can I compile the mex files on macOS?

To compile the mex files with MATLAB 2012b on macOS 10.9 using the gcc version that is shipped with Xcode 6.2, the following changes are neede

In /Users/yourname/.matlab/R2012b/mexopts.sh under the maxi64 section you need to

  • add -std=c++11 to CXXFLAGS.
  • change CC into gcc (instead of gcc-4.2)
  • change CXX into g++ (instead of g++-4.2)

In /Applications/MATLAB_R2012b.app/extern/include/tmwtypes.h towards the end, the lines

#if defined(STDC_UTF_16) || (defined(_HAS_CHAR16_T_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT) && _HAS_CHAR16_T_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT) typedef char16_t CHAR16_T; #elif defined(_MSC_VER) typedef wchar_t CHAR16_T; #else typedef UINT16_T CHAR16_T; #endif

need to be replaced by

#if (defined(cplusplus) && (cplusplus >= 201103L)) || (defined(_HAS_CHAR16_T_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT) && _HAS_CHAR16_T_LANGUAGE_SUPPORT) typedef char16_t CHAR16_T; #define U16_STRING_LITERAL_PREFIX u #elif defined(_MSC_VER) typedef wchar_t CHAR16_T; #define U16_STRING_LITERAL_PREFIX L #else typedef UINT16_T CHAR16_T; #endif