Why are so many of the interesting functions in the private directories?

In the FieldTrip code, we make a distinction between functions that the end-user should call, and helper functions that are called by other functions. Most functions that the end-user calls are prefixed with ft_xxx and are present in the main directory. The functions that the end-user should not call are mainly in the private directory. The reason for the private directory is that we can maintain backward compatibility for the main functions, but not for all functions. We want to be able to make changes in these helper functions (i.e. the private fnuctions) without worrying about whether any of the end-users is affected by the change.

The main functions have a stable user-interface (this also applies for example to the functions in the fileio and other modules), the private helper functions don't have a stable interface. We want people to use fieldtrip as a stable package, without having to worry that the update from one version to the next version breaks their own analysis scripts. If people start the private helper functions (which is not trivial due to the way that Matlab hides the private functions), they are themselves responsible for their scripts breaking due to changes in these helper functions.

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