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Getting started with Nicolet data

Note: please add additional information if you have additional knowledge about Nicolet data that you want to share with other FieldTrip users.

Introduction to the Nicolet file formats

The Nicolet system was once known as Nervus, launched in 1994/5 by Taugagreining in Iceland. This company was acquired by Viasys, then Carefusion, then Natus. Along the way the EEG system was renamed to Nicolet, then NicoletOne.

It is a popular clinical EEG format, especially in the Nordic countries.

The file format has been through some revisions. FieldTrip can read the file format from at least 2006 through 2018

  • Files with the extension .e can be read in by FieldTrip
  • Older .eeg files probably have the same format with minor changes.


The file format supports different sampling rates. Currently FieldTrip only reads the channels with the most popular sampling rate. This works well for clinical EEG.


This code also enables EEGLAB users to read the Nicolet file format through the FILEIO plugin in EEGLAB.


nicoletfile = 'someNicoletFile.e';

% using low-level functions
hdr = ft_read_header(nicoletfile);
data = ft_read_data(nicoletfile, 'header', hdr);

% using high-level functions (recommended)
cfg            = [];
cfg.dataset    = nicoletfile;
cfg.continuous = 'yes';
cfg.channel    = 'all';
data           = ft_preprocessing(cfg);

cfg.viewmode   = 'vertical';
ft_databrowser(cfg, data);