FT_COMPILE_MEX can be used for compiling most of the FieldTrip MEX files Note that
 this function does not put the MEX files in the correct location in the private
 folders, this is managed by a Bash script. In case you are not working with Git and
 you want to recompile the mex files for your platform, you can find all mex files
 for your platform and move them to a backup directory that is not on your MATLAB
 path. Subsequently you can rtun this function to recompile it on your platform with
 your compiler settings

 The standards procedure for compiling mex files is detailled on

 Please note that this script does NOT set up your MEX environment for you, so in
 case you haven't selected the C compiler on Windows yet, you need to type 'mex
 -setup' first to choose either the LCC, Borland or Microsoft compiler. If you want
 to use MinGW, you also need to install Gnumex (http://gnumex.sourceforget.net),
 which comes with its own procedure for setting up the MEX environment.

 The logic in this script is to first build a list of files that actually need
 compilation for the particular platform that MATLAB is running on, and then to go
 through that list. Functions are added to the list by giving their destination
 directory and (relative to that) the name of the source file (without the .c).
 Optionally, you can specify a list of platform this file needs to be compiled on
 only, and a list of platforms where you don't compile it on. Finally, you can give
 extra arguments to the MEX command, e.g., for including other c-sources or giving
 compiler flags.

 See also MEX