Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help ft_realtime_fileproxy”.

  FT_REALTIME_FILEPROXY reads continuous data from an EEG/MEG file and writes it to a
  FieldTrip buffer. This works for any file format that is supported by FieldTrip.
  The FieldTrip buffer is a network transparent server that allows the acquisition
  client to stream data to it. An analysis client can connect to read the data upon
  request. Multiple clients can connect simultaneously, each analyzing a specific
  aspect of the data concurrently.
  Use as
  with the following configuration options
    cfg.minblocksize         = number, in seconds (default = 0)
    cfg.maxblocksize         = number, in seconds (default = 1)
    cfg.channel              = cell-array, see FT_CHANNELSELECTION (default = 'all')
    cfg.jumptoeof            = jump to end of file at initialization (default = 'no')
    cfg.readevent            = whether or not to copy events (default = 'no'; event type can also be specified; e.g., 'UPPT002')
    cfg.speed                = relative speed at which data is written (default = inf)
  The source of the data is configured as
    cfg.source.dataset       = string
  or alternatively to obtain more low-level control as
    cfg.source.datafile      = string
    cfg.source.headerfile    = string
    cfg.source.eventfile     = string
    cfg.source.dataformat    = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.source.headerformat  = string, default is determined automatic
    cfg.source.eventformat   = string, default is determined automatic
  The target to write the data to is configured as
    cfg.target.datafile      = string, target destination for the data (default = 'buffer://localhost:1972')
    cfg.target.dataformat    = string, default is determined automatic
  To stop this realtime function, you have to press Ctrl-C

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