Note that this reference documentation is identical to the help that is displayed in MATLAB when you type “help peercellfun”.

  PEERCELLFUN applies a function to each element of a cell-array. The
  function execution is done in parallel on all avaialble peers.
  Use as
    argout = peercellfun(fname, x1, x2, ...)
  This function has a number of optional arguments that have to passed
  as key-value pairs at the end of the list of input arguments. All other
  input arguments (including other key-value pairs) will be passed to the
  function to be evaluated.
    UniformOutput  = boolean (default = false)
    StopOnError    = boolean (default = true)
    RetryOnError   = number, number of retries for failed jobs expressed as ratio (default = 0.05)
    MaxBusy        = number, amount of slaves allowed to be busy (default = inf)
    diary          = string, can be 'always', 'never', 'warning', 'error' (default = 'error')
    timreq         = number, initial estimate for the time required to run a single job (default = 3600)
    mintimreq      = number, minimum time required to run a single job (default is automatic)
    memreq         = number, initial estimate for the memory required to run a single job (default = 2*1024^3)
    minmemreq      = number, minimum memory required to run a single job (default is automatic)
    order          = string, can be 'random' or 'original' (default = 'random')
    fname = 'power';
    x1    = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5};
    x2    = {2, 2, 2, 2, 2};
    y     = peercellfun(fname, x1, x2);

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