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 Join the [[http://​www.facebook.com/​pages/​FieldTrip-toolbox/​192257040789426|FieldTrip community on Facebook]]! Join the [[http://​www.facebook.com/​pages/​FieldTrip-toolbox/​192257040789426|FieldTrip community on Facebook]]!
 ===== News and announcements ===== ===== News and announcements =====
-** 6 March, 2018 **+** 09 October, 2018 **
-Springer Nature ​has updated its policies - Nature journals now ask researchers who submit papers that rely on bespoke software to provide the programs for peer review. More details are in [[https://​www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-02741-4|this editorial]],​ the [[https://www.nature.com/authors/​policies/​availability.html#​code|guidelines to authors]] have been updated and a [[http://​www.nature.com/​documents/​GuidelinesCodePublication.pdf|code ​and software submission checklist]] is available+Tzvetan ​has published a new paper, entitled ​[[https://​www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fnins.2018.00711/full|FieldTrip made easyAn Analysis Protocol for Group Analysis of the Auditory Steady State Brain Response in Time, Frequency, ​and Space]]. Go and check it out!
-** 29 September, ​2017 **+** 10 September, ​2018 ** 
-Apologies for not keeping up with the news. Much has happened, e.g. the completion of the BIDS-MEG draft, the FIeldTrip toolkit at the Donders, and Robert presented ​workshop in the lab of Pedro Valdez-Sosa in Chengdu, China+This website ​has been migrated to new server.
-{{ :​chengdu2017.jpg?​400 |}}+** 04 September, 2018 **
-** 7 March2017 **+Eleven EU countries have decided that all scientific publications funded by their respective national science councils should be full Open Access immediately upon publication. See this [[https://​blogs.plos.org/​plos/​2018/​09/​open-access-publishing-forges-ahead-in-europe/​|blog post from PLOS]]there is more news to follow in the coming days.
-It's already been a whilebut on Februay 10, 2017 Nietzsche successfully defended her PhD thesis in a good old-fashioned ceremony according to university tradition. Photographic evidence attached and congratulations to Nietzsche!+** 03 September2018 **
-{{ :nietzschesdefens.jpg?​650 ​|}}+Here are the slides of the topics that we presented and discussed in the Open Science Panel session at the [[http://www.biomag2018.org|BIOMAG 2018]] conference in Philadelphia last week:
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-robert-oostenveld-open-science-intro|Robert Oostenveld - Introduction]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​JuliaGuiomarNisoGaln/​guiomar-niso-biomag-2018-open-science-meg|Guiomar Niso - BIDS and Omega]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-darren-price-camcan|Darren Price - CamCAN]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-janmathijs-schoffelen-cobidas|Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - COBIDAS]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-vladimir-litvak-frontiers|Vladimir Litvak - Group Analyses in Frontiers]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-tzvetan-popov-hcp-from-a-users-perspective|Tzvetan Popov - HCP User's Perspective]]
 +  * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​RobertOostenveld/​biomag2018-denis-engemann-mnehcp|Dennis Engemann - MNE-HCP]]
-** 8 February, 2017 ** 
-Pre-registration for the MEG/EEG data analysis workshop (aka "​FieldTrip"​ workshop) at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen has opened. See [[workshop/​toolkit2017|here]] for details.+** 01 July, 2018 **
 +On June 29th, Robert and Jan-Mathijs taught at the Human Connectome Project'​s workshop, which this year took place in Oxford. During an intense one-week program, 105 participants learnt about the ins and outs of the Human Connectome Project (HCP). Did you know that the HCP consortium also collected (and partially analysed) MEG data from about 100 participants?​ And that this data is freely available for download? And that the analysis pipelines and software are also available to the community? Check it out on [[https://​www.humanconnectome.org]].
-** 19 October2016 **+** 12 June2018 **
-We would like to invite you to contribute to Frontiers in Neuroscience Special Research Topic **"​From raw MEG/EEG to publication:​ how to perform MEG/EEG group analysis ​with free academic software"​**. The idea is to create ​collection ​of well-described group analyses ​of EEG and MEG data that can be fully reproduced by anyone and ported by researchers to their own data. Furthermore,​ as the analyses will be endorsed by peer reviewany analysis choices ​will be citeable ​in future publicationsThis will hopefully contribute to wider adoption of good practices by the MEG/EEG research community.+On 17 June 2018 Maria Carla Piastra, Sophie Schrader and Simon Homölle will host a workshop the OHBM2018 conference. The course is aimed at researchers who want to learn how to do MEG and/or EEG source reconstruction. This intense one-day workshop will explain state-of-the-art MEG and EEG source reconstruction methods. Special emphasis will be given to new features available now in Fieldtrip ​to solve the EEG and MEG forward solution ​with advanced finite element methods. The workshop will consist of number ​of lectures, followed by hands-on sessions in which you will be tutored through the complete analysis ​of a MEG, EEG and MRI data set using the FieldTrip toolboxAs the focus is on source reconstructiontopics that will NOT be covered ​in great detail are segmenting, artifact handling, averaging, frequency and time-frequency analysis, statisticsFor the hands-on sessions you should bring a laptop with MATLAB installed. More information about the program can be found at the OHBM website or [[workshop/ohbm2018|here]].
-See [[https://​mailman.science.ru.nl/​pipermail/​fieldtrip/​2016-October/​011022.html|here]] for the announcement on the FieldTrip mailing list and [[http://​journal.frontiersin.org/​researchtopic/​5158/​from-raw-megeeg-to-publication-how-to-perform-megeeg-group-analysis-with-free-academic-software|here]] for the research topic on Frontiers.  ​ 
 +** 6 March, 2018 **
- +Springer Nature has updated its policies - Nature journals now ask researchers who submit papers that rely on bespoke software to provide ​the programs for peer reviewMore details ​are in [[https://www.nature.com/​articles/​d41586-018-02741-4|this editorial]], the [[https://​www.nature.com/​authors/​policies/​availability.html#​code|guidelines to authors]] have been updated ​and a [[http://www.nature.com/documents/GuidelinesCodePublication.pdf|code and software submission checklist]] is available
-** 2 October, 2016 ** +
- +
-We are presenting ​the "MEG group analysis"​ satellite symposium at Biomag 2016 in SeoulThis is a joint effort of the FieldTrip, MNE, BrainStorm, Nutmeg and SPM teams. The presentations and especially the (annotated) analysis scripts ​are all [[/workshop/biomag2016|shared here]].  +
- +
-** 31 August2016 ** +
- +
-We are looking for ways to further extend ​the FieldTrip training. The team in Nijmegen is small, and cannot be traveling all the time. If you are interested in organizing your own workshop, ​[[:contact|let us know]]. We will share our workshop material ​and slides with you!  +
- +
-Diego just completed ​FieldTrip workshop in Guangzhou with a focus on ECoG analysis. You can see more photo'​s on our [[https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1384463061568812.1073741837.192257040789426&​type=1&​l=8d2040bc29|Facebook page]]. +
- +
- +
-{{ :​guangzhou.png?​500 |}}+
 ===== Recent improvements to the code ===== ===== Recent improvements to the code =====