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FieldTrip meeting - 20120912

  • Stephen invited everyone for barbeque on Sunday evening
  • tasks for today: discussing bugs and assigning new ones
  • bug1676 (ft_defaults not adding realtime folder properly to path)
  • bug1371 ft_plot_topoTFR is taking care of nan’s and gives a warning if nan’s are present
  • bug1693 has been discussed
  • EDA meeting tomorrow: topic is tapering and wavelets
  • dashboard is not showing updated info for some bugs
  • new bugs assigned: bug1704, bug1703, bug1697, bug1688, bug1684, bug1682, bug1678, bug1959, bug1637
  • new bug was filed: bug1707 (checking if channel order matters)
  • bug1664 has been discussed (not assigned yet!)
  • today the emails aren’t sent from bugzilla when changes are made
  • to do: select more bugs and set a date for next bugbinge