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FieldTrip meeting - 20121114

  • example script: Create MNI-aligned grids… ft_convert_units should be called either in script or in function.
  • new bug created: bug1832
  • dash board email 2 times a week
  • other bugbinge planning
  • simbio test script: at beginning insert return as long as the bug is not fixed
  • if testscript fails due to outdated data-structure: you can make change in the script itself and document why removal/change was necessary or reference data can also be updated. But consider first: is the failure due to regression or progression?
  • we are all happy.
  • templates: there are data which we release together with FieldTrip. It is not always clear where it came from, why it is how it is. layouts have also been changed without notification. -> describe template data on wiki (fieldtrip.fcdonders.nl/template). Wiki page has the same layout as template directory in FieldTrip. tutorial/layout: Example layouts -> Template layouts, it should go under the template wiki page. For every file, which is in the template directory it should be specified where it came from and changes should be documented and users should be notified. Bitmap (or jpg,png” %} can be also moved to the website, and not having it under FT release.
  • Where to put info about template? not all directories are modules: template directory is not a module. It could go under user documentation.
  • we should add template guidelines. Grouping guidelines together under development? Robert will write the template guidelines, then work will be distributed.
  • if need arises Boris could be asked if he has more info/knowledge about bugs he just re-assigned for joint development users.
  • bug1762: config objects doesn’t behave the same as a structure.