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FieldTrip meeting - 20151130


  • discuss FieldTrip workshop Coimbra: a tutor needed (Diego). Suggested dates are 1-3 February or 9-13 May.

  • possibly FT workshop in Cincinnati, Ohio (Robert, see email)

  • possibly FT workshop in London, UK (Robert, see email)

  • evaluate tinnituslesque tutorial for the FT workshop in Salzburg (Tzvetan)


  • Robert: MEG toolkit pre-dredistration has opened

  • Simon: FEM tutorial just works, now needs to be moved

  • JM: OpenMEEG runs through for MEG data, three-shell MEG-BEM compared to MEG-singleshell but was not the same, requires unbalanced MEG lead fields (i.e. no ICA or 3rd order gradients possible at the moment). To be continued

  • Robert got some feedback on the workshops

  • Tzvetan presents the new tutorial, receives feedback on parcellation and atlas stuff