Tags: realtime

Streaming realtime data from and to BrainStream

BrainStream is a MATLAB application that is being developed in the context of the BrainGain project by Philip van den Broek, Peter Desain and coworkers at the Donders Centre for Cognition (formerly the NICI).

BrainStream focuses on building a generic easy-to-use user/programmer interface for setting up any BCI-application. Using a set of modular-based, easy readable and modifiable tables, a broad range of BCI-applications can be defined in a very quick and simple way. Considering the availability of appropriate analyses, no programming experience is needed for setting up a new BCI experiment. Essentially, the ultimate goal of BrainStream is to allow researchers to solely focus on their BCI-specific analyses. BrainStream will encourage the sharing of BCI-applications between partners with different BCI-setups.

Integration with FieldTrip

BrainStream makes use of the FieldTrip fileio module to read data. The fileio interface allows BrainStream to read offline data (i.e. from disk) from any of the ~30 supported fileformats. Furthermore, the fileio interface allows BrainStream to read data and events in real-time from the FieldTrip buffer.

Instructions on how to use BrainStream in general can be found here, or take a look at the sentences and speller examples.