Tags: realtime development

FieldTrip buffer Python interface

Client side pure Python implementation

The directory “fieldtrip/realtime/src/buffer/python” contains a single-file Python module called “FieldTrip.py”. This provides classes that wrap FieldTrip-style header structures, events, and client connections to a server, including functions for the various requests to read and write samples and events. The module depends on Numpy for representing data matrices and type and value fields of events.

The following Python code example demonstrates how to use the interfac

    import sys
    import FieldTrip

    ftc = FieldTrip.Client()
    ftc.connect('localhost', 1972)    # might throw IOError
    H = ftc.getHeader()
    if H is Non
      print 'Failed to retrieve header!'

    print H
    print H.labels

    if H.nSamples >
      print 'Trying to read last sample...'
      index = H.nSamples - 1
      D = ftc.getData([index, index])
      print D

    if H.nEvents >
      print 'Trying to read (all) events...'
      E = ftc.getEvents()
      for e in
          print e