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Can I prevent “external” toolboxes from being added to my MATLAB path?

The recommended path settings are explained in this frequently asked question.

The code in the ft_defaults function will execute only once and should preferably be executed in your startup.m file. The main FieldTrip functions will also call ft_defaults to ensure that the required subdirectories are on the path.

The ft_defaults will also add some toolboxes from external to your path, such as external/signal, external/stats and external/image. These contain drop-in replacements for some MATLAB functions to reduce the requirements on the (network) licenses, which are often available in a limited number.

If you don’t want these replacement functions on your path, you can do the following in your startup.m file.

global ft_default
ft_default.toolbox.signal = 'matlab';  % can be 'compat' or 'matlab'
ft_default.toolbox.stats  = 'matlab';
ft_default.toolbox.image  = 'matlab';
ft_defaults % this sets up the FieldTrip path

Alternatively, to remove them at a later stage you can do the following

[ftver, ftpath] = ft_version;
rmpath(fullfile(ftpath, 'external', 'signal'))
rmpath(fullfile(ftpath, 'external', 'stats'))
rmpath(fullfile(ftpath, 'external', 'image'))