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How can I preprocess a dataset that is too large to fit into memory?

If your dataset is too large to fit into memory at once, you can preprocess one channel at a time With ft_preprocessing, immediately combined with ft_resampledata. After gathering all downsampled channels, you can combine them again into a normal multi-channel data structure.

In summary, the code would look like this:

for i=1:nchans
cfgp         = [];
cfgp.dataset = 'yourfile.dat';
% instead of specifying channel names, you are allowed to use channel numbers
cfgp.channel = i;
datp         = ft_preprocessing(cfgp);

cfgr            = [];
cfgr.resamplefs = 250;
datr{i}         = ft_resampledata(cfgr, datp);

clear datp

cfg = [];
datall = ft_appenddata(cfg, datr{:}); % this expands all cells into input variables