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How should I prepare for the upcoming FieldTrip workshop?

This assumes that you will be attending one of the upcoming FieldTrip workshops.

For both the “MEG toolkit” courses in Nijmegen and for the external workshops we use a mixture of lectures, hands-on sessions, and a playground session. It is especially important for the FieldTrip playground session (usually the last afternoon) that you prepare by bringing your own data.

In the first few hands-on sessions you will be working with MEG data that we provide, and we are available to tutor you through the exercises, which are a selection of the tutorials. In the playground session you translate your newly acquired skills into an analysis pipeline that works on your own data. We will again be there to tutor you, but then focus on the peculiarities of your own data format, your own experimental design, and your own research questions. This also means that you should bring enough information so that you can work towards a full analysis pipeline. e.g., bring the interpretation of the trigger codes in the data, bring some powerpoint slides that explain the paradigm (which will help me and the other tutors if you have a question), and all other information that you are likely to need to analyze your data. You might also want to check the system specific documentation for your acquisition system.

For some workshops we will provide powerful Windows desktop computers (usually 64-bit and more than 4GB RAM) with internet connection and a recent MATLAB (plus license). These will also have FieldTrip set up and all tutorial data preinstalled. If these desktops are provided, we kindly request you to do the tutorials on them rather than on your own laptop, as that saves us time in fixing computer specific problems (e.g., MATLAB path settings, license issues, etc). You will receive explicit instructions to bring a laptop in case computers are not provided by the host institute.

For the playground session it is always fine to work on your own laptop. For that you have to arrange a recent FieldTrip version and working MATLAB license (see requirements).

Bringing a USB disk/stick to move data between computers is in general a good idea.

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