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Getting started with Hitachi NIRS data

FieldTrip does not offer direct support for the Hitachi NIRS data, but you can make use of a work-around using the Homer2 toolbox and a conversion script that is shared on NITRC.

Converting Hitachi files to .nirs files

A MATLAB script to convert the raw .csv Hitachi ETG4000 output file into a .nirs file for use with Homer2 can be obtained at http://www.nitrc.org/projects/hitachi2nirs. Created by Rebecca Dewey.

The .nirs file format that results from the conversion is directly supported in FieldTrip. It might be that you need to use the Homer2 toolbox to construct the sensor definition (i.e. the SD structure),

Note that the .nirs file is a MATLAB file in disguise, you can read it with

nirs = load(filename, '-mat');

and you can save it back to disk with

save(filename, 'nirs', -struct');

However, for reading and preprocessing the data in FieldTrip you would normally not use this low-level approach to access the data, but rather ft_preprocessing and ft_definetrial as explained in the general tutorials.