FT_CONNECTIVITYANALYSIS computes various measures of connectivity between
 MEG/EEG channels or between source-level signals.

 Use as
   stat = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, data)
   stat = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, timelock)
   stat = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, freq)
   stat = ft_connectivityanalysis(cfg, source)
 where the first input argument is a configuration structure (see below)
 and the second argument is the output of FT_PREPROCESSING,

 The different connectivity metrics are supported only for specific
 datatypes (see below).

 The configuration structure has to contain
   cfg.method  =  string, can be
     'amplcorr',  amplitude correlation, support for freq and source data
     'coh',       coherence, support for freq, freqmvar and source data.
                  For partial coherence also specify cfg.partchannel, see below.
                  For imaginary part of coherency or coherency also specify
                  cfg.complex, see below.
     'csd',       cross-spectral density matrix, can also calculate partial
                  csds - if cfg.partchannel is specified, support for freq
                  and freqmvar data
     'dtf',       directed transfer function, support for freq and freqmvar data
     'granger',   granger causality, support for freq and freqmvar data
     'pdc',       partial directed coherence, support for freq and freqmvar data
     'plv',       phase-locking value, support for freq and freqmvar data
     'powcorr',   power correlation, support for freq and source data
     'powcorr_ortho', power correlation with single trial
                  orthogonalisation, support for source data
     'ppc'        pairwise phase consistency
     'psi',       phaseslope index, support for freq and freqmvar data
     'wpli',      weighted phase lag index (signed one, still have to
                  take absolute value to get indication of strength of
                  interaction. Note that this measure has a positive
                  bias. Use wpli_debiased to avoid this.
     'wpli_debiased'  debiased weighted phase lag index (estimates squared wpli)
     'wppc'       weighted pairwise phase consistency
     'corr'       Pearson correlation, support for timelock or raw data
     'laggedcoherence', lagged coherence estimate
     'plm'        phase linearity measurement

 Additional configuration options are
   cfg.channel    = Nx1 cell-array containing a list of channels which are
                    used for the subsequent computations. This only has an effect
                    when the input data is univariate. See FT_CHANNELSELECTION