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MEG-UK 2015 meeting

The workshop highlights complementary analysis methods offered by FieldTrip and SPM. It is aimed at people who already have some MEG/EEG experience, who would like to improve their analysis skills and get a better overview of the features offered by FieldTrip and SPM. The topics that will be discussed include: statistical inference, source reconstruction, and connectivity. The aim of the workshop will be to demonstrate the different analysis methods available within FieldTrip and SPM, and how to apply them. Advantages/disadvantages of the different methods will be discussed.

Organizational details

  • When: Wednesday 7th January 2015 (workshop)
  • When: Thursday 8th and Friday 9th January 2015 (meeting)
  • Where: Aston University, Birmingham, UK.
  • Who: Klaus Kessler is the local organiser and host.
  • Faculty: Vladimir Litvak, Robert Oostenveld, Bernadette van Wijk, Gareth Barnes, Guillaume Flandin, Saskia Helbling, Ryszard Auksztulewicz, Johanna Zumer, Stephen Whitmarsh, Hongfang Wang.

How should participants prepare for the workshop?

This workshop is an advanced workshop in which we will move beyond the material covered in the previous FieldTrip course or the SPM EEG/MEG course.

Some familiarity with FieldTrip and SPM is required. Please read the SPM EEG/MEG and FieldTrip reference papers to understand the toolbox design.

As time is limited for the lectures, we strongly recommend to watch the following online videos prior to the workshop. Note that these lectures are about one hour each, which means that you should plan ahead and take your time to go through them. It is your own responsibility to come well-prepared. Starting one day in advance will not cut it!

For SPM (all taken from http://www.fil.ion.ucl.ac.uk/spm/course/video)

For FieldTrip (all taken from https://www.fieldtriptoolbox.org/video)


The programme mixes short theoretical sessions with hands-on computer assignments. The day ends with a supervised computer session where people are free to work on their dataset of choice.

Please look at the general instructions for the hands-on sessions to start MATLAB and navigate to the data directory on the Aston computer-lab machines.

9:30 lecture General Linear Model SPM Vladimir Litvak
10:00 hands-on General Linear Model SPM Guillaume Flandin
10:30 lecture Non-Parametric Statistics FieldTrip Robert Oostenveld
10:45 hands-on Non-Parametric Statistics FieldTrip  
11:15   Coffee    
11:45 lecture Source analysis: Bayesian perspective SPM Gareth Barnes
12:00 hands-on Source analysis: Bayesian perspective SPM Saskia Helbling
12:45 lecture Source analysis: beamforming FieldTrip Robert Oostenveld
13:00 hands-on Source analysis: beamforming FieldTrip  
13:30   Lunch    
14:30 lecture Connectivity measures FieldTrip Robert Oostenveld
14:45 hands-on Connectivity measures FieldTrip  
15:30 lecture Dynamic causal modeling SPM Bernadette van Wijk
16:00 hands-on Dynamic causal modeling SPM Ryszard Auksztulewicz
16:30   Tea    
17:00-18:30 hands-on Playground FieldTrip/SPM  

All demonstrations will be using the same dataset.

Following the workshop, the data has also been made available on the download server. You can download all example data that we used in Aston, except for the toolbox code itself. You should get the latest version of FieldTrip and SPM from their respective download pages.

Downloading the data to your own computer should allow you to go through the demonstrations once more, but now at your own pace.