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Advanced MEG/EEG toolkit at the Donders

From 19-23 April 2021 we will host the “Advanced MEG/EEG toolkit”. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation we are required to organize it online, as we did in 2020.

This toolkit course will teach you advanced MEG and EEG data analysis skills. Preprocessing, frequency analysis, source reconstruction and various statistical methods will be covered. Furthermore, there will be a lot of attention to best practices for reproducible analysis and to Open Science. The toolkit will consist of a series of intreractive online lectures, followed by interactive hands-on sessions in which you will be tutored through the complete analysis of a MEG and EEG data set using the FieldTrip toolbox.

To achieve good interaction between lecturers and participants - and especially tutors and participants in the hands-on sessions - we have to limit the online attendance. You can already have a look at the information of last year to get an idea on how it will more or less be organized.

For some background info and registration please see here. Further details on the toolkit format will be posted here on the FieldTrip website. Please also keep an eye on the email discussion list for relevant announcements.