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Contribute or request support

FieldTrip is an Open Source project with contributions from many individual users and research groups. There are various ways in which you can also contribute to FieldTrip.

Share your expertise

The FieldTrip community is organized around the email discussion list. You can contribute your expertise by helping other people, answering questions from other people on the email list, or posting your ideas. This is also the place where you should ask your questions how to use FieldTrip.

Report bugs or request enhancements

You can provide us with detailed bug reports. The easier it is for one of us to reproduce the bug, the more likely it is that we can fix the problem. You can use the same approach to request new functionality. We cannot guarantee that we have time to implement it, but it is good to know what people are trying to do or would like to do with FieldTrip.

Contribute code

You can contribute by sharing your MATLAB code with us and helping us integrate it into the FieldTrip toolbox. We use git and GitHub to manage the code. On the development section of this website you can find more details on how the project and code are organized. You can of course also ask.

If your contribution is considerable, for example a completely new algorithm, there are some additional requirements: your code contribution must be in FieldTrip style, the algorithm must be of broad interest (i.e. more than a single lab), must be maintainable and must be documented not only with help in the code, but also on the website as a tutorial or as example script.

When you contribute code, please consider the code guidelines to keep it consistent and compatible with the existing implementation. Also try to adhere to the existing representation of the data in the data structures.

Contribute documentation

You are invited to add your own tutorials, example scripts or answers to frequently asked questions to this website. Every time you type an email explaining something, please consider adding it here as well to increase the long term impact.

You can contribute directly to the documentation on this website by going to the fieldtrip/website GitHub repo, editing or adding a page there and sending your suggestion as a “pull request”. All contributions are reviewed by the maintainers. If you are not sure about the quality of your contribution, just submit it as pull request and we will check, improve and/or provide feedback if needed.

When adding documentation, please consider the documentation guidelines to keep it consistent with other documentation and to facilitate cross-linking.