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FieldTrip course at the NatMEG in Stockholm

  • Where: NatMEG, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • When: 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2014
  • Tutors: Robert Oostenveld, Jim Herring, Stephen Whitmarsh
  • Keynote speakers: Caroline Witton, Ali Mazaheri, Mathieu de Bourguignon, Xavier de Tieges
  • Local organizers: Daniel Lundqvist, Stephen Whitmarsh

This course is organized by NatMEG, the Swedish National MEG facility located at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The target audience consists of Scandinavian researchers with a reasonable level of (clinical) EEG experience.

You can watch all lectures on NatMEG’s online lectures page.

Overview of hands-on sessions

The following tutorials will be covered in the hands-on sessions during the MEG-EEG FieldTrip workshop at NatMEG in Stockholm, Sweden (September 29th - October 3rd, 2014).

We will use the same dataset throughout the workshop. Please familiarize yourself with the dataset that we recorded.

You can download the dataset from our download server.