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FieldTrip is the MATLAB software toolbox for MEG and EEG analysis that is being developed by a team of researchers at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in close collaboration with collaborating institutes. The development of FieldTrip currently receives support from the ChildBrain project and from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and has previously been supported by the Human Connectome project and BrainGain.

The toolbox offers advanced analysis methods of MEG, EEG, and invasive electrophysiological data, such as time-frequency analysis, source reconstruction using dipoles, distributed sources and beamformers and non-parametric statistical testing. It supports the data formats of all major MEG systems (CTF, Elekta/Neuromag, 4D/BTi, Yokogawa) and of most popular EEG systems, and new formats can be added easily. FieldTrip contains high-level functions that you can use to construct your own analysis protocols in MATLAB. Furthermore, it easily allows developers to incorporate low-level algorithms for new EEG/MEG analysis methods.

The FieldTrip software is released free of charge as open source software under the GNU general public license.

This FieldTrip website is a Wiki (just like Wikipedia), which allows all visitors to contribute, very quickly and easily, without the need for registration. The IP addresses of people that make changes are logged, and they can be blocked if required. Please act responsibly and only make changes that improve this site.

Please cite the FieldTrip Reference Paper when you have used FieldTrip for data analysis in your study.

Robert Oostenveld, Pascal Fries, Eric Maris, and Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen, “FieldTrip: Open Source Software for Advanced Analysis of MEG, EEG, and Invasive Electrophysiological Data,” Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2011, Article ID 156869, 9 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/156869

To get started with FieldTrip, please continue reading the getting started documentation.

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6 March, 2018

Springer Nature has updated its policies - Nature journals now ask researchers who submit papers that rely on bespoke software to provide the programs for peer review. More details are in this editorial, the guidelines to authors have been updated and a code and software submission checklist is available.

29 September, 2017

Apologies for not keeping up with the news. Much has happened, e.g. the completion of the BIDS-MEG draft, the FIeldTrip toolkit at the Donders, and Robert presented a workshop in the lab of Pedro Valdez-Sosa in Chengdu, China.

7 March, 2017

It's already been a while, but on Februay 10, 2017 Nietzsche successfully defended her PhD thesis in a good old-fashioned ceremony according to university tradition. Photographic evidence attached and congratulations to Nietzsche!

8 February, 2017

Pre-registration for the MEG/EEG data analysis workshop (aka “FieldTrip” workshop) at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen has opened. See here for details.

19 October, 2016

We would like to invite you to contribute to Frontiers in Neuroscience Special Research Topic “From raw MEG/EEG to publication: how to perform MEG/EEG group analysis with free academic software”. The idea is to create a collection of well-described group analyses of EEG and MEG data that can be fully reproduced by anyone and ported by researchers to their own data. Furthermore, as the analyses will be endorsed by peer review, any analysis choices will be citeable in future publications. This will hopefully contribute to wider adoption of good practices by the MEG/EEG research community.

See here for the announcement on the FieldTrip mailing list and here for the research topic on Frontiers.

2 October, 2016

We are presenting the “MEG group analysis” satellite symposium at Biomag 2016 in Seoul. This is a joint effort of the FieldTrip, MNE, BrainStorm, Nutmeg and SPM teams. The presentations and especially the (annotated) analysis scripts are all shared here.

31 August, 2016

We are looking for ways to further extend the FieldTrip training. The team in Nijmegen is small, and cannot be traveling all the time. If you are interested in organizing your own workshop, let us know. We will share our workshop material and slides with you!

Diego just completed a FieldTrip workshop in Guangzhou with a focus on ECoG analysis. You can see more photo's on our Facebook page.