FieldTrip courses and workshops

At the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in Nijmegen we organize a yearly “Advanced MEG/EEG analysis toolkit course”. It consists of lectures and hands-on sessions, and explains the methods implemented in FieldTrip and how to make use of them. More information and the registration for this toolkit course is available on the Donders website.

Click here for information about the MEG/EEG toolkit course in 2015.

Occasionally we also organize on-site FieldTrip workshops at partner institutes and on invitation. These are usually 2-3 days and include the core material from the Nijmegen “MEG/EEG toolkit course”. The format and who can participate in the course is determined together with the local organizers. If you are interested in hosting a FieldTrip workshop at your university, you can contact us for details.

We are considering and/or concretely planning to have on-site FieldTrip workshops in

Previous FieldTrip workshops took place at

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