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The aim of the FieldTrip email discussion list is to facilitate the discussion between both users and developers of the FieldTrip toolbox, to share experiences and to discuss new ideas for MEG and EEG analysis. New releases and updates will also be announced through that list. Please send an email to fieldtrip-subscribe@science.ru.nl to subscribe or to fieldtrip-unsubscribe@science.ru.nl to unsubscribe to the FieldTrip list. Only people who are subscribed to the discussion list will be able to receive and post messages.

We are always happy to try to help you with your questions. In general, note that it always help if you ask the question in a to-the-point way and provide as much (necessary) information as possible. You may want to consider to read our FAQ on how to ask questions to the FieldTrip community and Ten Simple Rules for Getting Help from Online Scientific Communities.

The internal and external developers of FieldTrip have their own discussion list for more technical discussions. We will automatically subscribe you to this list if you have an account on our SVN code repository.

You can go through the contributions to the FieldTrip discussion list here. You can also search the FieldTrip discussion list using google:

hai please i need the step to compile the fieldtrip realtime on my raspberrypi can you help me please my e-mail is hardwork.inf@gmail.com

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