How should I share example data with the developers or the email list?

In general it is not a good idea to send data as email attachment to the email discussion list. You should consider that your data file will end up in ~1000 email inboxes of all other people that are subscribed. I.e. your 10 MB attachment would result in 10 GB of storage requirements.

If the data that you want to send is too large (i.e. larger than 1 MB) to send to one of the developers in person by email, then you can upload it to Note that this is a write-only dropbox, so you (and others) will not be able to see what is copied into that directory. Within the Donders we are able to see the full directory content.

Alternatively you can use one of the file sharing methods below:

or one of the other file sharing methods that is described here. So instead of sending the large file as attachment, you would just include the download link in your email.

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